MAC Asset Management is a London based independent company regulated by the FCA (FCA Ref number: 752141).

Founded in 2016, MAC Asset Management is dedicated to provide tailored investment solutions to its clients across international financial markets.

We are dedicated to offering independent and transparent wealth management tailored services to professional clients based on mutual trust. We build lasting partnerships while reconciling our client’s expectations in terms of performance and services.

Strengthened by a human-sized team, we work to make a difference for each client in achieving their objectives and monitoring their investments.

Our Services

Investment Products

Our investments involve listed and OTC products. Our expertise spans several asset classes such as Fixed Income & Interest Rates, Equity and Structured Products.

We operate in the secondary as well as the primary market which includes Initial Public Offering and bond insurances.

With extensive international experience, our team will be able to guide you towards investments that drive performance while having a controlled risk framework.

Our team remains at your disposal to guide and advise you in the selection of products and securities that best meet your expectations. 

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Investment Solutions

MAC Asset Management offers solutions that cater to each client's needs, and at your side during the whole investment process. Our solution includes a discretionary management mandate allowing dynamic portfolio management by our portfolio managers or an advisory service which allows you to arbitrate the best market opportunities through our intermediary.

Our clients benefit from exclusive access to real-time recommendations, analysis, advice, and weekly market reviews. With our own execution desk, we ensure a constant and active risk management, dynamic portfolio management, and source liquidity, providing you with the best execution.

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Our UCITS Fund

Benefit from the expertise of MAC Asset Management and our dynamic strategy in Credit Market and Interest Rates by subscribing to our UCITS fund. The objective is to maximise performance while maintaining a flexible framework with regard to safety through a standardised and regulated investment vehicle. 

The strict regulatory framework and operational constraints aimed to enhance the protection of your capital. Our securities selection is based on top-down analysis aiming to generate an absolute return uncorrelated from different markets by analysing the macro-economic environment, identifying and adjudicating market opportunities on both primary market issuances and secondary market.

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Last Releases

Portfolio Managers Comment - May 2022 – Fixed Income – ARCIPELAGOS MAC AM CREDIT SELECT UCITS

Our Fixed Income management based on the primary market generated a negative performance of 0.44 % in May, bringing the negative net performance of the fund to 3.44% over 1 year.

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Philips Domestic Appliances, a nice sector outlook

Philips Domestic Appliance is a branch of Royal Philips with an international presence which develops, produces and sells numerous household appliance products in several segments such as kitchen equipment, for clothing or even the home.

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What is the main problem : Central Banks policies or tensions in Ukraine?

After Lagarde's speech on February 3 and his posture perceived as Hawkish by investors, sovereign yields in Europe rose very sharply over the entire length of the curves. This situation can be found on the other side of the Atlantic with a speech particularly in favour of tightening by the FED.

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